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             P o w e r f u l     S a v i n g :  Tips to save money on your utility bills             
  • Thermostat setting:  75 degree F in summer, 68 degree F in winner
  • Upgrade air conditioning and heating system to higher efficient rating will save up to 39 % utility cost.
  • Regular preventive maintenance for your system will  reduce costly repair.
  • Replace air filter, clean air duct will have healthier and cleaner air quality.
  • Apply for rebate from Utility companies.
  • Use energy saving programmable thermostat, save up to 33%
  • Insulate attic with higher R- value insulation. Windows are adequately caulked, weather stripping around doors is in good shape.
  • Install attic fan,
  • Install hole house fan.
  • Set water heater thermostat to 120 degree F.
  • Regularly check water your heater, make sure not much precipitation inside the water heater.
  • Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps, light bulbs.
  • Use light sensor lamp  in driveway, in back yard or motion sensor light .
  • keep your refrigerator condenser coil clean will prevent  the compressor over heat and avoid costly repair.
  • Use energy saving refrigerator.
  • Buy appliances with energy saving logo.

Check with Edison for energy saving plan.