A skilled repairman isn't enough
Make sure contract workers carry insurance


It's every homeowner's nightmare: A worker is injured on your property.

What is your liability if an air conditioning, heating repairman you hire cuts his hand in your home?

 In some cases, you may be responsible not only for personal liability, but also for workers' compensation.

 Whenever you hire a worker such as a repairman or carpenter, make sure that the worker has insurance before he or she begins working for you. If you deal with a contractor, he or she should supply proof of insurance, in the form of a "certificate of coverage," for all the workers employed. This should provide workers' compensation and contractor's liability coverage; the latter covers the contractor for damage to your property while it's under construction.

 If a worker is injured in your home and does not carry workers' compensation, you could be sued, and your homeowners coverage is not likely to pick up the bill.